Chile is now a very dynamic and diverse growing region that is the source of many excellent wines.  Cooler climates like Casablanca are yielding crisp, vibrant white wines, and canopy management is propelling Chilean reds to increasingly higher levels of quality.  Our Chilean portfolio represents the diversity of these climates with selections from Vina Quintay and Geo wines.

Vina Quintay was established by producers with a passion for the Casablanca Valley and its wines. Felipe Aldunate, Peter Buerger, Hernán Gómez, Pablo Gómez, Edmundo Eluchans, Jaime Charles, Felipe Larraín, Felipe Morandé, Richard Macaire, Osvaldo Perez, the Rencoret family and Jose Manuel Urenda, all local business men (and also known as “the Casablanca Boys”) and who share the common objective of taking advantage of Chile’s principle cool-climate valley and the wines it produces, all committed themselves to bottling the purity of the valley. Set in the alluvial heart of the Casablanca valley but also spanning to the valley of Leyda, Chile’s most recognized cool climate wine-growing regions, richly breath-taking in their beauty, one will find the vineyards that have grown the reputation of the Chilean white wines on the global stage.

Geo Wines was founded early 2000 by Managing Director Sergio Reyes, Alvaro Espinoza, probably the most respected and innovative winemaker in Chile who was awarded as Wine Personality of the  Year in 2007 by the IWC, and Juan Carlos Faundez, who has worked together with Alvaro for more than 15 years and shares the same passion and knowledge on wines and sustainable viticulture.

Geo Wines offers wines from Chiles most exciting appellations; Elqui, Limari, Maipo, Colchagua, Leyda and Casablanca Valley, where the wines are handmade and crafted with passion and creativity to express the terroir and varietal character of each grape.

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