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Vintner Select was founded in 1989 with the Vision of bringing the finest quality wines from around the world to the Midwest.  While many of these wines routinely reached the major California and East Coast markets they were frequently not available in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Our focus is “the finest quality wines from quality oriented producers, priced to provide good value”.  In pursuit of this strategy we have sought out the people that we believe are the quality leaders and innovators throughout the world.  This focus led us to seek out and work with exceptional producers in California, Oregon and Washington and with importers/exporters like Marc de Grazia (Italy), Giorgio Rivetti (Italy), Alain Junguenet (France), Terry Theise (Germany, Austria and Champagne) and Neil Rosenthal.

We set ourselves apart in our markets in a number of ways.  We sell only wine and we sell only to restaurants, fine-wine retailers and gourmet grocery stores. Our warehouse is temperature and humidity controlled.

Our passion is to offer wines of striking personality and “typicity” that have the distinctive personality that expresses the grapes, microclimate and soil in the region. We not only want our Syrah to taste like Syrah, we want it to taste like Syrah from the distinct microclimate and soil where it is grown.

We have a broad range of wines in both type and price and currently represent over 300 producers producing over 1000 wines from thirteen countries.  Whether customers are looking for the best wine in a category or the best wine values at $10, $15, $20, $30 or more, we have many wines from which to choose.

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