The People

Steve Dearth

David DuBou
Sales – Louisville/Lexington

Alvin Feldman
Sales – Cincinnati & Dayton

Michael Freeman
Sales – Dayton

Mick Frye

Jeff Graff
Sales – Northeast Ohio

Angela Hickenlooper
Order Desk

Doris Holzheimer 

Grant Hout
Warehouse & Delivery

Gordon Hullar
Owner & Portfolio Manager – Italy

Mike Lacey
Sales – Columbus

Ross Lampkins
Sales – Central & Southern Indiana

Amy Lorenzo
Accounting & Personnel

Kevin Lowber
Sales – Louisville & Southern Indiana

Don Miller

Owen Molloy
Sales – Northeast Ohio

Jason Price
Portfolio Manager: Champagne, Germany & Austria; Order Desk

Tricia Rasar
Sales – Toledo

Brian Scott
Sales – Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Jeremy Shaw
Warehouse & Delivery

Danielle Redder
Domestic Portfolio Manager

Jennifer Stewart 
Portfolio Manager – France, Spain and Chile

Jason Szabo

Chris Wheeler
Sales – Columbus

Michael Quinn
Sales – Cleveland

Lauren Wiethe
Sales – Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky


Sales Team


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